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Hey! Welcome to Get Bent Yoga. I teach yoga and practice Thai Yoga (aka Thai massage) in the Washington, DC area (Arlington/Falls Church/McLean). Most of you are probably familiar with yoga, either from personal experience or someone in your life who does it, but perhaps Thai Yoga isn’t as well known to you. I hope to make this a resource for anyone looking to start/maintain/advance a personal wellness routine, so, for now, I’d just like to say “hey” and we’ll see where it goes from there, yeah? Cool.

I love what I do. Yoga and Thai Yoga are used to build a deeper connection to self, in both tactile and energetic ways, and my job is to help people along in that journey. I may map out the start of the path and I may even give a nudge in a positive direction, but I’m ultimately a supportive tour guide. It’s an important role, but it’s not the focus. You are.

“So,” you may be wondering, “if you’re not going to tell me what to do, then what the hell am I going to get out of this blog?” My best answer is, “Whatever you want to get from it!” This entire blog could literally be an endless list of the many important ways I believe yoga and Thai Yoga will powerfully affect your life, but I know that can be an incredibly boring or overly-esoteric read. Instead, I’ll share information I find valuable and I’ll pepper the posts with updates and things that are relevant to what comes up in our daily lives.

I hope to make this space as interactive as possible because I really, really love answering questions. You could ask me anything from “Why do I feel like chaturanga is so hard?” to “How can I get more confident doing inversions?” to even the most basic thing, like “What is Thai Yoga, it sounds scary, yikes”. I can’t wait to get started! But before we do….

**It’s important to note that nothing I write here should be taken as medical advice, because I am not a doctor or a medical professional. I encourage you to consult your doctor before starting any exercise or wellness regiment, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions or recurring injuries. You come here seeking to be healthier and happier, so you should start from a place of safety and comfort.**

Oh! One more thing – just because this stuff is important for your future well-being doesn’t mean it has to be dry and heavy. You’ll learn quickly that I like to joke around and laugh at myself – I mean, I curse, for fuck’s sake, on the regular and even in my classes – all while talking about the importance of bodywork to balance out your days. And even though I may not take myself too seriously, you can trust that I’m always serious about how much your life will change with a regular yoga practice and Thai Yoga regimen. Stay tuned, and you’ll see what I mean.

Thanks for taking the time to meet me, and I hope to see you back here soon!

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