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I am a yoga instructor and Thai Yoga practitioner in the Washington, DC area. I first began practicing yoga in 2002, falling instantly in love with the Baptiste practice while living in Boston. After a 2-year break, I rediscovered Baptiste and in 2006 completed my 200-hour teacher training at Down Dog Yoga, where I continued to teach until 2014. I was also the Lead Yoga Instructor at Lava Barre in Arlington, VA from 2015-2018. My life before yoga was as a clinical social worker counseling survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence; I also spent many years at PR and nonprofit groups addressing women’s health issues.



GBY creates a space that’s welcoming for practitioners of all levels and experiences. My clients range from newbies to longtime yogis; from pregnant women to athletes recovering from injuries; and from the seemingly inflexible to the super bendy. I tailor my classes to whoever is on the mat that day, which means that in the same class I could be showing a prenatal client how to modify her practice as she moves through her pregnancy while also walking another client through an advanced arm balance.

I draw inspiration from other styles and teachers, including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Dharma Mittra, and Anusara, weaving both their sequences and philosophies into my classes. Anyone can develop greater flexibility, strength, and internal peace by cultivating a consistent practice, and GBY’s mission is to be a supportive community that holds that space for you to grow.



In 2013 I began studying Thai Yoga (aka Thai Massage), a long-time interest of mine that dovetails perfectly with yoga. Thai Yoga is a powerful branch of traditional Thai medicine, blending acupressure, stretching and joint rotation to release tension in the muscles and create balance in the body. Clients may range from people with chronic neck and back pain to those recovering from injuries. Pregnant women can also benefit from Thai Yoga –  it helps reduce swelling in the arms and legs, improve overall circulation, reduce back pain and discomfort, and cultivate a sense of calm during a time of great physical and emotional change.

Thai Yoga is a great complement to other holistic treatments, such as traditional massage, acupuncture, and fitness and nutrition regimens. Thai Yoga not only alleviates acute discomfort in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, IT band, and feet, it also reduces stress and boosts energy. Long-term benefits include: better posture and flexibility; reduced tension and tightness in muscles; improved lymphatic and digestive functioning; decreased sinus pressure and nasal congestion; increased emotional well-being.

Who couldn't stand to be a little more flexible?

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Beth expertly compresses, pulls, stretches, and rocks my entire body with assisted yoga postures on a regular schedule. For me, Thai Yoga is a principle component of routine body maintenance that preserves and enriches my joint flexibility, assists with fine-tuning and healing those subtle aches and stresses of an active body, and encourages a mindful yoga practice. Beth practices with an exceptional understanding about how the muscles, joints, and tissues functionally relate to one another, and the extent to which their condition affects our ease of movement. I rely on my time with Beth to relax, realign, and rejuvenate.

- Cheryl R.

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