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Get Bent Yoga offers yoga classes, private yoga instruction, and Thai Yoga sessions in Falls Church, VA. At GBY clients have the opportunity to experience yoga and bodywork as regular and vital parts of their wellness routines because feeling good, inside and out, isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

I’ve worked with Beth for Thai Yoga as well as private yoga instruction and have really benefited from her work. She knows that trying to work out as a full-time working parent is challenging, so she developed two sets of yoga sequences focusing on different areas that I can practice on my own. I’ve also been trying to see Beth regularly for Thai Yoga, which has been a great complement to my current workout regimen. Since I do a good bit of weight lifting and plyometric exercises, the Thai Yoga has been so helpful in loosening up sore, tight muscles in a way that I cannot achieve by stretching on my own. It also tackles those pesky spots where the stress tends to settle, so working with Beth has been great for my stress relief too! Beth is truly a delight to work with!

- Deb B.

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